Steve Sztricsko

Certified Financial Planner®

Steve is a Certified Financial Planner who has recently joined the Convery Wealth Team as Thie’s business partner. Steve has been helping individuals and business owners for almost 20 years and, in addition to his CFP, has his Life Insurance licence. Steve believes that if clients spend their time and energy focusing on the things they have control over — and proceed with help from an investment professional and a well thought out solid financial plan — then they can achieve their financial goals throughout all aspects of their life.

Over the years, Steve has conducted hundreds of seminars on subjects such as investments, risk management, estate planning and — his personal favourite — taxation. As Steve likes to remind everybody, “A dollar in your pocket is better than a dollar in theirs”.

Steve lives in Dundas with his wife, Sue, and their two sons. He is actively involved in his community, coaching boys’ basketball, volunteering for environmental organizations and, when time allows, playing golf and hiking.